Welcome to Mrs. Perry's Classroom Website
Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year! I am pleased to be teaching Algebra II, PAP Precalculus, and AP Statistics this year. It is my goal to help students foster a better understanding of various mathematical concepts that will help them be successful in future math courses and in the real world. This website will be used as a means to keep an open line of communication between the students, parents and/ or guardians, and myself throughout the year. I look forward to an exciting and successful year, and once again, I welcome you.


  1. PAP PreCalculus
  2. Algebra II
  3. Conference/ Planning Period: Tuesday/ Thursday 11:50 - 1:30
  4. PAP PreCalculus
  5. Conference/ Planning Period: Wednesday 8:40 - 9:40
  6. AP Statistics
  7. Algebra II
  8. Algebra II

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School Ph: (713) 867-5100; Cell Ph: (281) 891- 3521 between 8am- 8pm
Email: tperry1@houstonisd.org